Afterlife Perplexity

Afterlife Perplexity

I believe that we’re living in the past
For our future is written on destiny’s paper
Where heaven is the only thing that lasts
And those stained souls will suffer

If heaven does exist
Then death of saints is a blessing
For temptations they can resist
But their freedom is life-restricting

To die here and live there eternally
Is to hear thousands of angels sing
A place of peace and harmony
Arrows of hope, they fling

But what if life lies just on a land
Where you were born and raised
The reason of everything is in your hand
And beliefs just turned to haste

Who to believe in reality
When dreams above all is a lie
Where the worst things exist with puerlity
In a world where all will die

Science and faith are contradictory
Still both shows a part of the real truth
Everything unexplained falls into theory
Some as mysteries and hearts they soothe

For the life of the good is worth emulating
And the life of the wicked is a shame
But why do people keep on sinning
Abstinence and apology is not the same

Some live as rebels and it’s a big deal
They do evil things to find jubilance
Because for them, if heaven isn’t real
It’s like you have feet but you don’t dance

You only live once, they say
So make your best mistake
Break the rules to feel the day
Don’t they think of other’s sake

Being reckless is terrifying
For it leads you out of the way
It’ll eat you when you’re agonizing
Until the only call to do is to pray

The more you know the farther you’ll go
You’ll decipher secrets which you must not
You’ll feed it to their minds as they grow
And sooner they’ll question by that

If only Adam and Eve didn’t eat that thing
Then we should be in paradise right now
We’ll still be innocent of anything and everything
And there’ll be no what, when, why and how

With just one sin, it changed everything
What goodness will ever remain
What if menaces and troubles keep on going
How many remaining people has no disdain

Afterlife is a big question mark
Angels and demons- they’re watching you
Doesn’t matter if you hide in the dark
Their eyes can see whatever you do

So what if religions are at war
We only have one God; we’re all his sons
Why does it need to reach this far
Everyone deserves a second chance

Isn’t it a bad thing to just look at the afterlife
And think of what we’ll be when we die
Who knows if there’s heaven in the afterlife
Haven’t they thought of doing good before they die

To those selfish-minded that do what they want
Instead of thinking your own short-term happiness
Try to think how to make others jubilant
And that will cure your social emptiness

Don’t bother yourself for your afterlife story
Future knows what it must do in that day of sadness
What’s better is to taste heaven in this life journey
With contentment and determination, you’ll find success

—this poem is from my unpublished book “Intrepid (2o14-16)”.


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