Introducing BRXRXS

Hi! I am grantnebyris and I would like to welcome you to my blog: BRXRXS. Being a man of science and literature may be quite hard for me since I am always caught up on a choice on what I will do now and on what I should take a pass.

I told myself, why do I need to choose when I can do both together? So I started mingling my skills on the two to come up with a work that involves the elements of both. I contemplate and reflect often on time (present, past, future), existence (humans, animals, plants, other organisms), humanity, etc. Since I’m also a poet and a writer, I tend to put all my thoughts and emotions into words.

The main purpose of this blog is not just for me to tell the things that run in my head, nor to just share my talent, I made this blog to connect with people and to inspire others to the best that I can do. I may not be as good as your favorite writers, but I’ll always do my best to entertain you in my own brxrxs way.


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