The Green Thumb’s Garden

The Green Thumb’s Garden

few years ago, he pLanted a seed
and now It’s as tall as he
he adds flowers to make a pretty field
and also for the bees that liVe on the tree

days passed, and he still remembEr the seed
when it was just as small as a grain
he gave everything that his plants need
and so, they swaY with the wind and rain

weeks came, and sOon the flowers will wilt
but his one and only tree is still living
healthy and stUrdy; it has a nice built
unlike the floweRs, one by one, slowly dying

years passed, his tree has finally made a yield
but all his fLowers were long gone
and that once beautIful field
is now a sad colorless land

he can’t accept the reality
that his liFe is just an inch
of the life of his tree
it’s a slap to his facE, a painful pinch

the trees never experience hearTbreak
they don’t even know what is pain
won’t be hurt by the wOrds they take
and They are the ones happy whenever there’s rain

they never know How it feels to cry
how to let go of the person they lovE
how to wait For all the tears to dry
when all you did was to sob

but he doesn’t realize how lUcky he was
to be with alL those sorrow
because pain will end Like the past
and he will soon see a better tomorrow

unlike a cEntury-old tree
he can live in his loved ones’ memories
hiS life, though short, is pretty
because he will be remembered through sTories

—this poem is taken from my unpublished poetry book ‘Storyteller (2017)’. Hope you like it.


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