Metonymy of Jesus in a Grilled Catfish

Metonymy of Jesus in a Grilled Catfish

Who would like to eat
a fish that swims in the mud?
In a soily pond, take a seat
but don’t use a fishing rod
You need to plunge and wet your feet
but don’t lose patience, young lad

I’m a catfish, long and black
in a place, brown and dirty
People who usually live in a shack
use to dine me with no worry
They fit their hands in the crack
and with a force, they clutched me

They brought me to the kitchen
and alas! I saw a knife
Sharp and edgy that killed the chicken
and the one that’ll end my life
For me, they are a friend
but all they gave me was strife

I think this is my fate
To offer my life for them all
Running away is too late
and I know this is heaven’s call
I am born to live and die than to love and hate
After all, this is my glory, not my fall

The grill is already burning
Smoke rises up to the sky
Their eyes twinkle like laughing
Grant me wings, I still won’t fly
My love that’s forever living
will always be an eternal supply

I’m glad to die just for them to live
Than to live and let them die
I’m willing to suffer and make believe
that their lives are worth my cry
My flesh is what they have received
and happy am I to see them by

Some who ate me will remember
my purpose of filling their stomach
Some don’t care like fallen timber
Some don’t thank me back
But I’ll always be in a flowing river
where love and faith run on a track

—this poem is from my unpublished book “Intrepid (2014-16)”. Shout-out to Mr. Rainer G. Lota for this activity when I was in Fourth Year High School when he asked us to write a poem about any Filipino dish that we served during a performance task in another subject.


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