i was nine when i heard a knock
i thought it was mom so i unlock
there is a girl wearing a suit
she smiles while she hands a Fruit

i raised the thing she gave, “what Is this?”
“a pomegranate; something you’ll miss”
“why would i miss a pomegranate, mate?”
“it will be gone once you ate it; no hate”

everyday she comes to bring
pomegRanates that are tied in a red string
“i love to be with you day by day”
“i wish this would be forever,” i heard her say

i was fifteen when i heard a knock
i thought it was her so i unlock
there is a guy wearing a Suit
but he has a frown and there’s no fruit

“the storm is getting savage, lock the door”
dad is wet with the rain, it drips to the floor
i wait for her as i sit beside the window pane
but nothing came except for the relenTless rain

her words still Linger on my mind
about how i’ll miss pomegranates, they echo from behind
i remember the kids who became friends
because of a fruit; and their bond that never bends

a week has passed; grasses start to grow
and she still haven’t shown up even a shadOw
i already miss my pomegranate girl
the one who gives my world a colorful swirl

i heard that pomegranates have a hard time growing
and maybe that’s the reason why she’s not Visiting
maybe she’ll return when the fruits grow back
because shE doesn’t want to bring me a leaf or a rock

one month passed so fast
i am still cliNging on to our past
how she visits me everyday with a pomegranate
and how our friendship become so intimate

i was writing a poEm when i heard a knock
i thought it was dad so i unlock
there is a girl wearing a dress
and her news put my mind to a mess

she told me about her sister’s condition
when they found her during a retrieVal mission
she’s lying there, barely breathing at the cave’s door
a dozen of pomegranates and a basket on the floor

she handed me something that her sistEr was holding
when they found her on the cold cave flooring
it was a pomegranate, ripe and red
when she left, i lie on my bed

i planted the seed and changed my clothes
grabbed my pen and wrote some odes
took the car key and went for a dRive
to the hospital, that’s where i arrived

whenever she’s on my sight
it feels like i’m watching the northern light
but this time, it breaks my heart
without her, i Don’t know where to start

i don’t know how i would wake up every morning
without seeing her beautiful face smiling
and at thIs moment, i realized i love her
and that i want to be with her forever

i am now sixty-three when i hEard a knock
without thinking, i unlock
there i see the woman i love
holding a pomegranate and a baby dove

she picked it from the tree at the yard
the seed i planted when times were hard
yeah, she got well after a dozen surgeries
through this poem, we reminiSce our memories

—this poem is taken from my unpublished poetry book “Storyteller (2016)”. Though pomegranates don’t grow in my country, I am fascinated by how unique the name of that fruit was so I made a poem for it. Hope you like it.


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