You never forget to help someone in need
You never fail to serve and lead
You never let anyone get hurt though you bleed
You never become selfish, no roots of evil even a seed

Why do you let them treat you like a slave?
Your tears and weeping are what they craved
They want to see you down; wanting your grave
Don’t you think no one wants you to be saved?

I’m here all along watching you by
Where is your laughter, you always cry
You’re parched enough, your eyes went dry
I want to protect you, give me a try

Remember when you let them borrow?
They don’t return it and never apologize
But when it is you who is asking a favor
They’re nowhere to be found; vaporized!

You try to defend and hide your things
They’ll complain, call you “selfish” and hurt you more
I wish I have a way to punish those beings
Oh please karma, knock on their door!

When they need something
They’re sweet, they’ll flaunt you with flattery
But when they need nothing
They haunt you with fear, it can burst an artery

Even those who are concerned, they give you just pity
Something is pulling me to help you- a certain gravity?
A justice on rush, overwhelming speed, an emerging agility
I’ll be vigorous and I’ll save you with great alacrity

Let me carry you while we run away
In my company, you’re safe to stay
Forget them, for us they’re all astray
Together we’ll build a better day

I’ll be here for you, call me when you’re in need
I will be your light, I’m here to love and lead
I’ll never let you get hurt, never will make your heart bleed
My love is like a soil, and yours will be a seed

—Katherine is a fictional being in my mind who represents those who are oppressed by the negative side of society. This poem is taken from my unpublished book “Intrepid (2014-16)”.


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