Sealed Wallflower

Sealed Wallflower
Bryan Resngit

Staring by the gloomy curtain
Far beyond a broken fountain
No sprouts, no sprinkle, no water
How hard is it to be a wallflower?

Remember the hard times; you always fall
Have no acquaintance to call at all
No hands to guide nor mouth to pamper
Bleeding hard like living to suffer

Loneliness that you try to quell
Hard to beat like an intimidating spell
Hiding even your shadows from the rebel
How long will it take for you to feel well?

You put yourself inside an hourglass
The sand continuously drips down
Piling up against you like falling trash
No time to smile but frown

Break the glass around you
Then aim your blow with glee
That is what you must do
To set yourself free!


—this poem is from my unpublished poetry book “Intrepid (2014-16)”.


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