This Is How He Lived His Life

This Is How He Lived His Life

he is a man who has no one
and lives at the streets of dawn
he eats notHing but vIolence and awful words
and he’s clothed with disgust and dirt

those toned muscles are the aftermath of a curse
from carrying viSible and iNvisible burdens
and sometimes he falls out noncommitally
with no one to catch him but the cold ground

And if there’s soMething he has kissed
then that would be the pavements where he falls
or the shoes of the rich whenever he begs
or the cold wind—anything just not skin

sometimes he wonder if he’s invisible
he can tell by the way the people greet good mornings
and he just rEceives nothIng- like he’s just a wind
like a ghost on a busy street unworthy of kindness

he wishes to become invisible
inviSible for the rest of his life
because he always get the worst responses
as if he’s obnoxious to be around

they love to give him frozen glares and hard kicks
they shove him in the face thinking he’ll snatch
when all that he wanted was a piece of their snack
or a penny just to give his stomach a little fill

in his existence, he experiences hell everyday
no one bothered to get him out of that fray
i wonder where he has gone now
but i hope he’s in a better place

—this poem was taken from my unpublished book ‘Storyteller (2016)’ but I wrote this poem in 2014 with the title ‘Invisible’.


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