No More You

No More You

Waiting for my phone to beep
I’m still wide awake; can not sleep
Wishing it is your name to flash on screen
Though it’s a long time ago since it has been

You are my most loyal textmate
In two days, thousands of messages we could make
Funny how our friendship became so great
But now, what happened, fate’s mistake?

I was wrong; ended up alone
You don’t even have a single name on my phone
Now I felt guilty eradicating your replies
Thinking I will never lose you- no goodbyes

If I never deleted them, I could reminisce those moments
Like our good times were a dish and the texts were the condiments
What have I done? There’s nothing I can read nor write to
I lost your messages and I lost you

You passed away, there’s nothing I can do
No more… no more… no more you


— This poem is from my unpublished book “Intrepid (2014-16)”.


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