The Castle in Fairytales

The Castle in Fairytales

Like a castle strong and sturdy
I’ll protect my precious princess
My gray hard stones are ever ready
To shield her from all menaces

Keeping her safe all years long
Shielding her from thousand storms
Her life to me is a lovely song
Playing melodies and rainbow forms

My bricks are breaking just to know
That she’s dreaming for a prince charming
Everyday she moves her head out the window
Just to see if someone’s coming

The day I feared is here at last
A handsome prince riding in a white horse came
With his charm, princess’ heart beats in a blast
Now he’s climbing on me to get her hand and name

“You saved me,” said the princess in glee
Where in the world is she saved from?
I protected her and look what she thinks of me
Like an oyster with a pearl I turned into a clam

A castle without princess; empty and lonely
I know she’s gone; never will return
In another’s arms, shes happy and lively
And that’s how my story ends with a burn


— This poem is taken from my unpublished book “Intrepid (2014-16)”.


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