For Thy Memories

There will come a time that the places where I go, the things I used to own, the air that I used to breathe and the world that I used to know will soon be different. The world is in a constant change; many new things will come, but many will also disappear or become archaic. The¬†ordinary people who used to laugh and sit at an old bench in the park will become silent zygotes of the land after hundreds of years. The famous personalities that the world knew today will soon become names that travel along with words, papers and nothing else. Everyone grows, and someday, I wish I could create a legacy of my own that I can read to my children and grandchildren when I get old. If I may not be able to fulfill that dream of mine, then at least, this blog has become an open journal for all the birds that landed on these branches. To the future endeavors of my life, don’t worry, I’ll never run out of blank spaces.